cat licking

From cleaning to calming down, cats have good reasons to lick.

Cats spend more than half of their lives licking each other, more specifically from 7 to 12 hours a day. No matter where they are in their basket, on the floor or in the dining room, they seem to have a big obsession with grooming. However, they have good reason to do so.

Although the most widespread explanation as to why cats lick their whole bodies is that they like the taste of being clean. after the grooming they also hide such interesting reasons like eliminating smell so as not to be discovered by possible predators, mark their territory and even de-stress (Yep, cats also get stressed, not just us).

The smells are everywhere and before the cats become domestic animals, they were in danger to be “invaded” by some as food. Although a kitten that lives at home does not suffer the threat of predators as it would experience living in nature, its instinct make it leave no trace of smells that can attract enemies. How to remove those sneak smells? simple, licking.

Related to the issue of smells is the territory issue. Cats are animals that defend what they consider their space (surely if you have a cat you know it well enough) by licking and eliminating other cats. With this, your pet makes it clear to other animals that this territory is theirs.

And what about calming down? How do they do that? Cats become a kind of self- massage with anti-stress and antidepressant effect when they are licked, which helps them keep their emotional balance high. They also activate the blood circulation, eliminate parasites and distribute the essential oils present in their skin, making it in perfect condition.

Do you want to know other reasons why your cat licks itself the whole day? Check below all reasons that we have gathered for you, because some reasons are surprising. Now you’ll understand your cat very well.

Eliminate smells

Licking helps them eliminate smell with the aim of not being detected and not attracting potential enemies.

Keep their coat in the best conditions

When cats lick their fur, natural oils are distributed throughout their it , which helps them protect against moisture and keep their body heat. Licking also helps them keep their skin healthy.

Territory marking

Cats are a very territorial animals, so cleaning them helps them maintain their own smell and mark that the place as theirs. Have you not noticed that many times, after touching your cat he immediately licks the that area? It is to recover its fragrance!

It helps them to reduce stressed

Licking gives them a pleasant massage that keeps them emotionally balanced, leaving depressive moods aside.

It keeps them clean

Obviously, the lick helps the cats stay clean, however, if the cat gets very dirty, it will have to be washed Always with a special shampoo for cats.

Eliminate parasites

The cat eliminates a good number of parasites with its lick. Therefore, it is not uncommon for stray cats to not have ticks.

It helps them to cool off

The lick helps the cats to cool off when it’s too hot. These animals do not have sweat glands and licking regulate their body temperature.

Stimulates circulation

The peculiarities of its tongue, rough and rigid, stimulate and improve the blood circulation of the cats.

When one cat licks another

In the case where some cats are licked by others, this represents a symbol of affection and trust between the two.

When the mother licks her kitten

The licks that the mother gives to her kittens are important for the physical development of the little ones, to stimulate their breathing, defecation and urine.

And when a cat licks a human?

It may be because the cat is expressing affection, trying to reduce its own anxiety or determining his territory by marking the human with its smell.

They follow an order to clean themselves

Cats follow a grooming routine. First the front legs are cleaned, then going to the sides, the tail, the back legs and finally, the face.

It is bad if they don’t lick

If the cat stops licking or does it less often than usual, something may be happening. In this case you should take it immediately to the vet.

It is also bad If you lick obsessively.

If the cat is obsessively grooming, it may be suffering from stress. Licking so much can cause skin problems such as dermatitis and even intestinal problems because they swallowed many hairballs.

The importance of malt

Since cats spend a good part of their time licking themselves, if they have knots in their hair, it is very likely that some will get to their digestive system. The malt will help them to get rid of it through pooping. Malt and frequent brushing are the perfect ways to avoid problems with cats’ hairballs.