Why cats like Cardboard Boxes

No matter how Many toys you give to your cat, it will always run for an empty cardboard box.

But ¿why your cat likes cardboard boxes? The answer lies mostly in the behavior that cats’ instincts have developed over the years to hide from predators in the wilds.

Does your cat like cardboard boxes?

Here are some of the raisons that may explain this phenomenon.


As we know, one of the man raisons that make your cat like boxes is due to their instinctive behavior that these animals have gained over the past years, before they become domestic animals.

This way of behaving has allowed cats to hide in tiny places unseen by the predators that they used to hunt them in the wildlife.

These boxes and tiny holes give the cats a feeling of security. By hiding they feel safe; for this reason, those small boxes have become shelter peace. Also, they get more control of their field of view and spotting any thing that is approaching them.

Cat fact: Cats eyes contain a special layer inside their eyes, called the tapetum lucidum, that allows them to see more than 6 times better than humans can see in low light. that is why their eyes reflect light during the night


Curiosity or sense of exploring is one of characteristics that distinguish cats, despite there race. The need to hide combined with their love to hide, makes boxes an attraction that can’t be resisted.

In addition to this, Cats curiosity is not just limited to cardboard boxes, but it’s also with people, objects or other animals that they see for the first time. Whenever they see something new, they will always come and sniff, check or maybe even interact by touching and if it is a box they will check inside.


Cold is one of the reasons why your cat like boxes. The ideal Cat Temperature Is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit; if the temperature is lower, they will look for a place to warm, like cardboard boxes. In addition to this, cardboard boxes are one of the best thermal insulating materials.


The boxes also work as a good place to jump from. As we mentioned previously cats like to get into boxes to observe their surroundings, and if they spot something interesting, they will jump on it. Big cats in the wilds jump to catch their prey, but inside your home they just do it to surprise and for fun.

Best Hideout

Cats are very known as solitary animals. Therefore, boxes are the perfect way to be isolated from the other animals or even humans.

Also, boxes are a great place to hide if the cat gets into any trouble, in this case the best place where no one can see you and you can see everyone is the cardboard box.


One of the other reasons why cats like boxes is stress. A cat that has access to a box is less stressed than the once that do not have.

Is cardboard a safe material for cats?

Cardboard is a material that offers warm to cats and allows them to play and entertain themselves it is also the best way to sharpen their nails and stretch their muscles by tearing and biting.

There are lots of reasons why cats like cardboard boxes rather than their toys. Instinct, behavior and temperature are some of the main reasons why they love these boxes.

In addition, Cats safety and curiosity makes boxes the ideal place to hide and fell protected from any threat.