Dog in snow

Winter is one of the best times maybe the only time to enjoy the snow with your dog. I am sure you going to have a great time watching your cute pet running freely through the white snow while you take an infinite number of photos. And how can you resist! They love to play and spend time outdoors as much as we do. However, cold and snow can lead to some risks for your dog.

Before you go out

It is important to check the weather forecast. If it is too cold, it will be better to postpone the trip, especially if your dog has short hair.

You should also pay attention to your dog, so they do not eat the snow or suck the salt that is spread on the ground, since it could cause vomiting, nausea and stomach problems.

When the picnic is over, dry it very well with a towel and check their entire body, paying special attention to the legs and ears.

When the picnic is over, dry it very well and check their entire body, paying special attention to the legs and ears. If your pet looks sore or their pads are too cracked or even bleeding, do not hesitate to go to the vet

Do you want to know more tips to spend an amazing day with your dog? Then don’t miss this special list made just for you to live the magic of winter with your amazing dog!

Avoid cutting your dog’s hair

In winter, avoid cutting your dog’s hair just as you would do in summer. Especially if your dog is very cold or has a short hair!

Always remember to Check the weather forecast

Before you go out, it is very important to check the weather forecast and verify that it will not be too cold for your dog. Their health comes first!

Do not ever leave your pet alone in the car!

No matter how you think it will be protected, it will also be cold in the car and they should never be left alone.

Warm clothing for dogs

If your dog gets cold (because they might have short hair), you can make it warm by using special winter clothes designed just for dogs.

Paw balm

Snow could cause some cracks in your pet’s pads and nose, so you should apply paw balm days before to avoid dry cracked noses and paws.


If it is sunny, keep in mind that your pet could get sunburn as snow enhances the effect of the sun’s rays. Put on protective cream for dogs (not yours, which is toxic to him).

Dog boots

Another thing you can get for your dog when you want to go into the snow is dog’s boots. With this, you are protecting your dog’s paws from getting cracked and protect them from possible sharp objects on the floor.

Don’t lose sight of your pet

Dogs guide themselves by smell, but with snow they may face difficulties following the trail. For this reason, it is important that you guard it all times and do not go too far from it.

Snow and Trees

If you live in place where there are tall trees stacked with ice, you should never let your dong get under those trees. Because, the snow my collapse on them at any time, or at least stay close to your dog to see where are they going.

Identification tags

It will not hurt your dog if it wears an identification tag with his/her name and your phone number on it. It is very useful information in case your pet gets lost!

Ski area and sled hill

The ski or sled area is a very dangerous place for your dogs, since they could cause an accident. Always carry them tied up in these areas and keep a close watch on them.

De-icing salt is DANGEROUS

The Salt that is used to melt the snow is very dangerous to the health of your pet. Don’t let them lick it!

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Snow eating

It is not good for your dog to eat the snow, as it could cause vomiting, nausea and stomach problems.

Snow means more food

Although playing in the snow is fun, it is also tiring. Therefore, you will have to increase your dog’s food intake a bit.

Always keep them well hydrated

Remember that you and your pet will get thirsty with so much activity and should be hydrated!

Check their legs

On the way back, check their legs and fur. If your it is sore, do not hesitate to go to the veterinarian they may have been hurt.

Watch their ears

You should also check that your pet has nothing inside the ears.

Dry your dog very well

don’t wait too long to dry your dog, as it could make it sick if Its fur stays wet. Also, it is batter to get a dryer Because it will help your dog to get warm.