Take care of Rabbit

Because of Its cute character and peacefulness rabbits are considered the ideal pets for families with children. Although when they are adults, they do not need too much care, but the thing changes if it is a baby rabbit rabbits are considered the ideal pets for families with children. Although when they are adults, they do not need too much care, but the thing changes if it is a baby rabbit since it is in one of the stages in their life where they need a lot of care.

Rabbits pups are called kits and are born after the pregnancy of the rabbit, one of the most surprising in the animal world because it usually lasts between 20 and 30 days. Taking care of future bunnies begins here and that is why we must pay close attention to the health of the rabbit, which we must feed very well based not only on pellets, but by adding fresh foods such as cucumber or carrot to their diet.

Rabbit birth Preparation

When it is time to give birth, the future mother will begin to make a nest to provide comfort to her children and for this the usual thing is to use her own hair. In addition, it would be appropriate that you start preparing days before by providing materials such as hay or even goat hair to help her. You can also use newspaper or a towel as the basis of the nest, but you must maximize hygiene and change them frequently.

It is important to note that while the rabbit is giving birth, you should leave it alone. Did you know that the rabbits are born deaf and blind? In its first days of life we ​​must take precautions and be very delicate with them. Therefore, we recommend that you do not touch them or get too close to them as this could make the rabbit nervous.

Food for the rabbit’s kits

Although the ideal care for the baby rabbits is provided by the mother, she may reject some of them and not feed them. Under normal conditions, this will be done twice a day but if it does not, you must be the one who is responsible for its proper feeding. At this point, it would be batter that you go to the veterinarian so he can advise you on everything you need to know.

Fact of the day: A female rabbit is called a doe; male rabbits are called bucks and their children are called kits.

We know that the first weeks of a rabbit’s life are important and you do not want anything to go wrong, but it is important that you do not become obsessed and force your it to eat. This could be counterproductive for the kit, as you could cause pneumonia. What you should do is to take its weigh every day to make sure it is really growing and, of course, if you see that something is not going as well as it should, take it to the vet immediately.

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When they are newborns it is essential that they have special rabbits’ infant formula that you can buy in specialized centers. Otherwise, you can use milk but never cow’s milk. You can provide it to the kit by a bottle with a small nipple starting with a very small amount that you should gradually increase. As for the daily intake, it is recommended to divide it into three shots.

Rabbits food in general

There are certain types of foods that under no circumstances should be given to rabbits, neither in their first weeks of life nor as an adult because they could be very harmful to them. We are talking about chocolate, potatoes, legumes, iceberg lettuce, all kinds of seeds, avocado, etc. Instead, give you rabbits fruits such as apples, pears, bananas or vegetables such as carrots or spinach. These will provide all the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy rabbits.

Another fact of the day: rabbits that live in groups. So, if you are planning to get one get two, because it’s batter to have two happy rabbits who can play together than having only one.

Although we said, in the first weeks of a rabbit’s life it should only be feed on milk, we should gradually withdraw it from the sixth week. How can we do it? Very simple, lowering it little by little with water in the case of infant formula. Then we can introduce the vegetables and the fruits that we have mentioned before.

How to condition the cage

As for the cabin, you must ensure that the cage is as clean as possible at all times and place it in a place away from the sun without wind currents because sudden changes in temperature can be harmful to them. It is important that you do not let the rabbits cool down and for this. In the event that the mother rejects them, Get a thermal bag with hot water next to them.