Old CAT Care
Cat old care

How to take care of an old cat

When time passes, we all get older even out cats. That is why we have to know that our beloved cats will grow older too and will need a special care same that they had when they were young. taking care of an old cat doesn’t mean that they will be less active and prefer a relaxed life, but they will also need different care and attention.

Cats tend to live longer than dogs, if they are well cared for, they can be over 20 years of age.

However, the metabolism and the internal system of the cat change over time. This leads to some functions of their body may slow down, and it may cause problems. The senses of our cats after they get old will not be the same as with humans, the five basic senses end up deteriorating, especially sight, hearing, taste and smell. It can also reduce the appetite and lead to weight loss. That’s why they need support and more care from us.

As the kittens gets older and becomes an older cat, its immune system weakens and the animal is more prone to diseases. It is possible that, in addition to changes in the immune system and the senses, the animal subtly modifies its behavior.  it may be less affectionate or even do things, that for us, will not be explained like meowing incessantly and without reason. Also, your cat’s memory will also be affected and it may even happen that it will relieve itself outside the tray.

So, for our cat to maintain a quality life, even after aging here are some instructions that you should follow.

Veterinarian checkups

Old cats need to go to the veterinary clinic to do periodic checkups and check that everything is going well.

Vaccines are very important

The immune system of elderly cats is weaker so, now more than ever, we should not forget to vaccinate them.


Older cats need to have an active routine. exercising is essential for them if they want to maintain a good standard of living. Diseases such as obesity or osteoarthritis are frequent in old cats.

Daily routine

Make sure that your cat follows a daily routine to maintenan a good physical, mental and even emotional health, since that will make them be relaxed.

Healthy teeth and gums

It is essential to observe your cat gums and if you notice something out of the usual or that it makes it difficult for him to eat, you must take him immediately to the vet.  Elderly cats are more vulnerable to gum disease and tartar buildup.


As your cat grows it become less active so they will need a lower caloric intake but, at this age, it is more important than ever to obtain high quality proteins and easy digestion.


Do you know that older cats need to drink more water? Now more than ever, do not forget to always have a bowl of water ready for your cat.

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Physiological needs

When cats get older, they may relieve themselves outside the tray.  First you must talk to your veterinarian to see if there are any health problems such as infections or incontinence caused by kidney failure. It is recommended that you have a larger sandbox with lesser depth that we change more frequently.

House temperature

We must make sure to create the optimal environment for your cat. It is necessary to avoid that they get cold or that they spend much heat. It is also positive to have some type of complementary heating system such as electric heating mats that they can go to if they feel cold. Temperature changes in elderly cats are common and can be a risk to them.

Comfortable place

Inside your home your cat must have a corner for them, quiet and comfortable that they will feel like a refuge and to which they will go whenever they need rest.

Get away from the noise

If you decide to have a party at home or some kind of meeting, take your cat to a room where it can rest easy. Noise and loud sounds can upset and stress your cat.

When to go to the veterinarian

you must go to the veterinarian if you see some strange behavior in the animal, that is, sleep too much, eat too much, they do not do their needs inside the tray … you will also take it to the clinic if you see any kind of problem external or clear symptoms of disease.


you must give your cat toys that are familiar to him, that he likes to entertain himself but avoiding the ones that are extremely hard since they can break teeth or nails.

Relationship with other cats and animals

It depends a lot on the personality of the animal but, certainly, most of the elderly cats tend to be quite with the rest of the animals because most of the time they tend to be more energetic than them. You can join him with other cats but never force him, if he wants to, he will do it, if he does not let him be calm.