Dog window

The car can be a deadly trap for our dog during the summer. A vehicle parked in the sun in summer can exceed 80ºC ( 176°F), that what an oven feels like.

Summer is a great time to enjoy it with our pet. However, sometimes the temperatures may not be so good. Traveling in the car with a dog should always be done under a series of precautions and complying with the regulations, but your responsibilities do not end there: you should never leave the dog alone in a parked vehicle, it can end deadly.

A car and sun heat can be a very dangerous combination for the dog, if certain precautions are not taken. It is inside our vehicles in the summer where dangerous heat strokes that affect our animal are more common. To prevent them, you should avoid leaving the dog alone in a parked car, take precautions for short stays of the dog in the vehicle, remember that you dog cannot be cooled down as easily as humans.

RPSCA Report

According to the British NGO RPSCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), a dog can die from heat stroke in just 10-15 minutes. So, saying that “I go out a moment to buy something and I got back ” is not working. In addition, there are times that although if the animal is treated after an incident, they will not recover. So, you should Avoid leaving the animal in the car at all costs.

When it happens

The heatstroke is more common when the animal is left alone in the car as they will be nervous and will not stop moving. Therefore, it is essential to avoid leaving the animal without company inside the car, even if it is parked in the shade and has an open window. It is not worth any excuse.

It is very important that we understand that if the dog is inside a car parked under the sun in summer, the vehicle can become a deadly trap for the animal. Because, just after a few minutes it will reach a very high temperature that can cause a heatstroke. The vehicle in summer becomes a magnet that stores and retains the heat very easily. The car is made from materials that maintain the temperature, especially when the car is parked. When the outside temperature is 22ºC (71.6°F), the car inside can warm up in just one hour and get almost to 47ºC (116.6°F). From that moment, your dog will be in real danger of death since the car will behave like an oven.

dogs are not cooled down as easily as people

Our dog has a temperature of 39ºC (102.2°F)under normal conditions, so it is a much higher temperature than humans. Similarly, we must point out that dogs do not sweat, so they have more difficulty cooling than we do. For this reason, a car whose temperature is very high represents an important risk factor for the animal.

Specialists at the British NGO RPSCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) warn that dogs can suffer a heart attack from heat strokes when their body temperature is above 41°C (105.8°F). And it is estimated that 50% of them do not survive.

Ideal car temperature for your pet

So, when traveling, ventilating the car is essential to ensure that the temperature does not rise more than it is recommended for the health of the pet. It is appropriate to operate the air conditioner in the vehicle at a temperature that is not too low (sudden temperature changes are not appropriate for the dog).

The suitable would be about 24ºC-25ºC (75.2°F-77°F).

how and when heat affects dogs

It depends a lot on their breed and the innate conditions to it. The most affected dogs are usually the largest. Also, those that have a lot of hair and those that belong to breeds such as bulldogs, which may have breathing difficulties (all this collected by official RPSCA data).

Likewise, you should know that Those who abandon a pet in conditions that may endanger his life or integrity may be punished with a fine it can even get you to jail.

The Criminal Code does not establish the prohibition in any case of transporting animals in the car and not leaving a dog inside a vehicle as long as this action is safe and does not pose any danger to their health or life.

How to deal with a situation hen a dog is inside a car alone

But … And if we see a dog in the car, what should we do? In recent years, a false theory that we can break the window in this case has filtered through social networks, that is not true. We cannot break the window of a car but we can notify a relevant authority to do so without having legal consequences.

If you encounter an animal inside a car and you think you are in danger, what you should do is call 911 or whatever is the police number in your country immediately. Once the police assess the situation, they can act in two ways: trying to locate the owner of the vehicle to open the car and remove the animal, or, otherwise, they will break the glass and release the animal.

Please Remember

Please pay attention during the summer, do it for the sake of you beautiful animals. The excuses are not valid nor are “five minutes.” The number of animals killed in cars has risen markedly in the recent years. Let’s be aware of the dangers it generates and that the car can be a deadly trap for our best friend.