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All of us who share our life with a cat know that they shed hair. This hair loss is known by the name of shedding, and indicates the life cycle of hair is normal, so we should not worry. The Signs that should alarm us are when there are bald spots, dandruff or excessive scratching.

cat hair loss is normal. So, how can we learn to live with this fact. therefore, in this article by our Expert we will give you some tricks to prevent your cat from losing a lot of hair. We will also see tips to easily clean falling hair, such as using a robot vacuum cleaner, and more!

Why does my cat lose a lot of hair?

As we said, hair shedding is usually the most common cause that explains Why does a cat shed so much hair. This process is natural and inevitable, it is activated with changes in light and temperature, so it is accentuated with the arrival of spring and autumn, although due to the general conditions in which cats live, it is usually present throughout the entire year.

Now, when excessive cat hair loss is observed, the animal has hairless areas and other warning symptoms such as itching, weight loss, apathy, vomiting, diarrhea or decay, it will be necessary to go to the vet to find the underlying cause. In general, the reasons that can justify this hair fall can be:

  • Skin diseases such as scabies, dermatitis, fungi or allergies.
  • Food deficits.
  • Parasites like fleas or ticks.
  • Stress or anxiety.

Below we will detail the best tricks to prevent a cat from shedding a lot of hair under normal conditions, as well as tips to treat some of the causes mentioned. In case of illness, remember that it is absolutely necessary to visit a specialist.

What to do to prevent the cat from shedding hair? – Check their diet

As we have already mentioned, the first trick to prevent our cat from shedding a lot of hair is in their feeding. Whether we feed it with feed or wet or homemade food, it is essential to give our cat quality stuff, making sure that it provides all the nutrients it needs at its vital moment. In this sense, to create the perfect diet, nothing better than following the recommendations of our vet.

A cat with dandruff, a shabby coat or excessive hair loss may be indicating deficiencies in food and in any case, we should consult our vet. We may have to change the diet and even add supplements of o mega 3 and omega 6, always prescribed by our vet, because they help to strengthen the fur and prevent excessive fall. Although the cat sheds several times a year, its healthy hair must be kept soft and shiny.

Brush your cat so it doesn’t lose as much hair

Although most of cats are short-haired, regular brushing will help to remove dead hair and since the hair that is collected in the brush is not at home, it is a good trick to prevent our cat from losing so much hair. Of course, it is essential that the brush we use is suitable for their hair type. In this way, we must ensure that it reaches the skin, for which we will ensure that the length of the tines corresponds to the length of the hair. We can ask our groomer or vet for an extra advice.

The frequency of brushing depends on the amount of hair. Long-haired cats are obviously going to require more brushing than short-haired cats.

The importance of deworming to prevent hair loss in cats

Cats, even if they live indoors, can become infested by parasites, especially fleas. These insects feed on the cat’s blood through bites. The discomfort they cause leads the cat to lick and scratch insistently, especially those who develop an allergy to flea saliva. This causes hair loss, so another way to prevent the cat from losing hair is to deworm it on time. To do this, we must check our veterinarian so they can do it the right way.

Avoid stressing your cat to control hair loss

Cats that suffer from stress can lose hair. If we suspect that this may be the cause of the intense removal of the coat, the best trick to prevent the cat from shedding a lot of hair is to enrich the environment by adding toys, scratchers, places to hide or climb, etc., in addition to lending it more attention or even, if the cat’s character allows it, adopt a new partner with whom they can play with.

If the previous measures do not work and in any case, before opting for a stress diagnosis, we should go to our veterinarian or a professional in animal behavior as soon as possible. Being such sensitive animals, it is necessary to find the exact reason that is causing this emotional instability and combat it. For more information, don’t miss this article: ” 18 things that cats hate most.”

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How to remove cat hair?

After having seen the tricks to prevent our cat from losing a lot of hair, we added the following tips to easily remove cat hair from clothes, sofa and floor:

  • Put a sheet, blanket, or towel in the cat’s resting places. Shaking or washing will always be easier than cleaning an entire bed or sofa.
  • Prioritize materials to which the hair adheres worse.
  • Use adhesive rollers to remove hairpins for clothes or sofas.
  • Vacuuming is better than sweeping because vacuuming, in addition to hairs, also removes flea eggs from the environment.
  • In the market we find special vacuum robots to collect the hair of the animals, so they are a very good option when cleaning without any effort.