dog camping

Dogs can be an awesome partner for a camping trip.

There is nothing better than taking your dogs and go on a solo camping trip with your pal, it is a great idea that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors and establish a strong bond with your dogs. Of course, you must take into account the needs of your pet. Your dogs also deserves a vacation! That’s why on this trip there will be no leaving him/her at home or with relatives.

Choosing the campsite

The first thing you should do, of course, is to choose a campsite where your dogs are welcomed. First you should make a list of campsites that are near the area you are going to visit. Also, before bringing your dog, it is important that you review the dogs access policy or call by phone in case you have doubts.

The most important thing is that you both enjoy the trip, so if neither campsite fits the needs of your pet you could change the destination. There are thousands of amazing places you could visit!

Before travelling

If you have already opted for a campsite and have reviewed the rules of access for the dog. This step is always essential, especially if you have a dog listed as potentially dangerous.

After this step, you should think about the means of transport that you are going to use and let the campsite know in advance about your preferences. Also, if you are you going to sleep in a tent or camping van, and are you sharing your tent with your pet.

On the other hand, it is essential that you locate a veterinarian near the area. You should also write down an emergency telephone number and know the clinic hours. Even if you probably don’t need it, you never know what may happen.

Your dog suitcase

Before you travel you will have to think about the luggage you are going to carry and your dog’s bag also. Do not forget your medicines! Nor the vaccination card, your passport if you are traveling abroad and some basic objects such as the leash, the feeder, poop bags and toys.

In addition, if you want to make sure that your dogs comes home healthy, it would not hurt to add some products such as:

An antiparasitic collar. Keeping the dogs protected is always mandatory.

Umbrella and a sun spray for dogs. Especially if your dog is white fur or has delicate skin. Do not leave it for many hours in the sun!

 A first aid kit. Remember that you are in the field and that your dog could get hurt, get injured or get hit.

The idea is that both of you spend an amazing time, so you will have to devote enough time to the dog bag no matter how old you dog is.

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At the campsite

Unlike cats, dogs do not usually take too long to adapt to new environments. Even so, it is recommended that you let it inspect the place and sniff quietly around.

You should also watch your dogs at all times, since you are in an outdoor area. This is essential so that you do not commit any damage or disturb other people. But, above all, so you don’t get lost or get hurt by accident. Your dogs are your responsibility!

On the other hand, you should inform yourself about the activities organized on the campsite. Many have common areas for dogs.

Plans with your dog

If you are one of those who prefer to go for free, here are some suggestions to make the most of your trip. Here are some of the activities that you can do with your dog, you will surely love:


Is there anything better than enjoying the views in the company of your dog? Surely you going to have a great time, although you will have to plan a route that suits your pet.


Most dogs love swimming. If you are near a river or a dog beach, we can’t think of a better activity after a long walk.


Who doesn’t like amazing photos of their dog in the mountains? Take out that camera and let yourself go!


Play with their favorite toys, the most important thing is that you share time with your pet and that you come home happier.