Hamster on the run. those adorable tiny hair balls, are considers one of the great escape artists. They are really good at escaping not only from the cage but they would even do it and come back without you noticing when we took them out to play. Who has not seen his hamster flee in search of an adventure?

Most of the times they do not go very far and they stick to a corner of where we can take them calmly and return them to their cage so that they don’t get harmed. Sometimes, it is not known where our little pet is but hopefully, they will return to their accommodation to get food and take a nap. However, in the worst-case scenario you may neither find the animal nor does it seem to want to return because it may be scared and hidden.

In these cases, the most important thing is to keep calm and be patient. There are people who have found it in hours but there are also cases took days and even weeks. What is the first thing to do? You will have to start looking at the most common hiding places, but remember to not make loudly noises since it could scare your hamster. Start your search from the cage and go wider in circles. Check every hole you can think no matter how silly it sounds: behind and under furniture, inside drawers and inside the objects that are stored there. Hamsters also like to hide in Backpacks, bags, shoe boxes or bags. If they were on the floor, check that it is not inside one.

Also, take a look under the bed and between the sheets or behind furniture such as the sofa, in case it has sneaked through a hole and is inside it.

If you have done all of this and nothing is found. Relax, follow the advice you will see below and with a little patience you will find it safe and healthy.

Track the hamster

If you know that the hamster is still in the room, close the door so it does not go further. If not, you will have to wait until nightfall (they are nocturnal animals) to hear it discovering the room where they are.

You don’t hear your hamster in any room?

If you have not been able to hear it, you can leave some sunflower seeds in each room and close the doors during the night. The hamster will be in the room where seeds are missing.

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The old flour trick

If you put some flour around the seeds or in front of some suspicious hiding places you can follow the trail of the small footprints to guide you to where it may be hidden.

Aluminum foil noise

Another trick is to put aluminum foil in front of possible hiding spots and wait silently. When it leaves it will make noise when walking through the aluminum and you will know what area he or she is in.

Leave the cage on the floor

Leave the cage with fresh water and food on the ground near where you think it is hidden. The hamster may smell it and come back himself. Pay attention so that when it enters the cage you can close the door!

Catch it with a towel

If you already know where your hamster is, you just have to wait for it to come out. Try leaving some food and when you see it, throw a thin towel over it carefully to immobilize it and return it to the cage.

Tube trap

Put food to attract the hamster to a tube that has a closed end and when it comes to eat, lift it carefully. You got it!

The bucket trap. Recommended!

Find a bucket that you know your hamster can’t escape if it enters. If you still not sure, put some butter on the walls to make it slippery.

 Make a ramp to the bucket

With books, CD boxes, wooden board or even with Lego pieces, build a ramp so that the hamster can climb to the surface.

Attract the hamster to the bucket

Cover the bucket with some thin paper and put some very appetizing food at tip of the bucket and on the paper. Leave also small pieces on the ramp so they want to continue climbing for more.

The hamster will fall inside

When your pet climbs the ramp, it will step on the paper in search of food and fall into the bucket. You got it! Of course, remember to put a towel in the bottom so that no damage is done when falling.

Check that it is not injured

When you have captured your hamster, check that it is not injured. If so, handle it very carefully because you could make their injuries worse. Take it to the vet immediately.

Is there a hole in your cage?

If the hamster escaped the cage when they were left inside of it, you have to check if it is broken and make sure if it can open the doors or if it escapes between the bars. Some Russian hamsters are so small that they sneak between the bars.

Is your hamster comfortable?

Your hamster may escape in search of an adventure. Also, he or she may not be comfortable in his cage for some reason. Try Putting new toys, food or pay more attention to them.

Be patient!

Don’t worry if it takes days to find your hamsters. At the end it will appear but you have to be patient and follow these tips to track it. We wish you best of Luck!