Dog Body Language

Like any other creatures, dogs also communicate using their body and I mean their whole body not just their tail and voice. So, if you want to learn what your dog is trying to express, you need to know all of their body moves. It starts by observing you dog’s behavior and his positions, because not every dog uses the same moves to express a particular feeling and there are no rules that explains Dog’s body language. Tail moving, as example it can explain lots of different feelings that change from dog to dog.

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Here are some of the most common dog moves and what they could be meaning.

Tail Position.

Most people believe that dogs wag their tail up and fast means happiness, but there are lots of other moves that have different meanings.

If the tail hangs low, it could mean that the dog is afraid and unsure.

If the tail is wagging loosely, it could mean that the dog is comfortable around you.

If the tail is stiff high. It means that the dog is nervous. Also, if the ears are up you must be careful because it might take a bad decision.

If the tail is moving fast, it means that the dog is happy and it may be ready for some activity.

If the tail is low between their legs, it means that the dog might be afraid and un comfortable.

Ears UP

If a dog’s ears are up, it might be that something is holding their attention.

Freeze on the floor

When dogs freeze, they may be afraid or they could be hiding something, like food, toy or maybe something yours that they are not supposed to play with. In this case you better take cation because they might try to bite.

Dog Fact: Puppies’ eyes don’t fully open until they are 12 days old.

Rolling on their back.

In general, when dogs’ roll over their back it means they are not a threat. The dog is just asking for a belly rub, but you should always leave some extra space for the dog to in case they want to change their position.

Play bow

When the rear end of a dog is up and their front is down, this means it time to play.

Dogs body language can be different from a dog to another. So, you should always keep a track of what behavior your dog is adapting to express their feelings and keep in mind a happy dog means an awesome owner