aquarium cleaning tips

If you just brought your first aquarium and you have no idea how you should clean it, you came to the right place.

An incorrect cleaning of the aquarium can have some very bad consequences for the fish that inhabit it. Therefore, it is very important to learn certain rules to ensure the welfare of our pets.

An aquarium does not work like the fish tank you had when you were a child. This big water container requires more demanding conditions like cleaning water, temperature and presence of bacteria. To begin, do not even think about washing the aquarium with cleaning products or you will poison fish.

To change the aquarium water, you should use a siphon, which is a pump that extracts the water from a large fish tank. To compensate for what you have taken out, you will have to pour new water at the same temperature as the one in the aquarium and treat it with a dechlorinator that leaves the water free of chlorine and heavy metals. Pour the liquid little by little so that the fish do not stress. By removing water from the aquarium, bacteria are also being extracted, so you will have to compensate for the loss again. In animal stores you can buy nitrifying bacteria to add to your aquarium.

More cleaning gestures

There are some fish that are classified as cleaners that feed on debris. Of course, before you get those fish to your aquarium, ask an expert if these species are compatible with the once you have.

The aquarium also has a filter that you have to clean too. Never do it while changing the water. Washing it every 15 days would be ideal. Also, when you are going to perform this operation, change the peat if you use it and the active carbon.

Finally, you will have to clean the decoration and remove the algae with a scraper. For the decoration wash it out of the aquarium with a mixture of water and 10% bleach, rinse it well and let dry in the open air. Adjusts the water with a siphon, which will absorb the accumulated debris and eliminate the algae that have remained attached to the glass walls with the help of a specific scraper. It is important to immediately eliminate any remaining food or leaves that you see floating.

Following these basic steps your aquarium will look brand new and your fish will enjoy a great health.

Water change

The aquarium should never be cleaned with soap and water, in fact the cleaning products are very toxic to fish. The right way is to change the water every two weeks, in this case we would change 10% -20% of the water every two weeks to keep it clean.


To extract the water from the aquarium you can use a siphon. It is a very basic gadget and you can find it in any pet store. It also helps to clean surface or material of the water.

Don’t take the fish out of the aquarium

Never take the fish out of the aquarium to change the water.

Water temperature

The new water that you add cannot be colder than the one in the aquarium or else the fish could get sick. You can use tap water but let it rest in a bowl for at least half an hour.

Water preparation

Before pouring the new water, make sure that the container where you put it is clean and does not contain any remaining detergent or other cleaning product. These substances are very lethal and toxic to fish, so it is not advisable that the container has been washed recently with this type of substances.

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Pour the water little by little

Do not throw all the new water into the aquarium. Go slowly to not stress the fish. You can do it with the light off so that the animals are quieter.

Treat the water with a dechlorinator

Before pouring the new water into the aquarium, treat it with a dechlorinator to remove the chlorine and heavy metals that it contains.


When water is extracted from the aquarium, a good number of nitrifying bacteria is eliminated, so it is recommended to compensate for the loss with bacteria that you can buy at your local pet store.

Remove the algae

To clean the algae that accumulates on the aquarium walls, use a clean scraper for the glass walls to get rid of it.

Decoration cleaning

Never clean the decorative objects of the aquarium with detergents or soap, do it with a mix of water and 10% bleach, rinse them well with water and let them dry outdoors.

Clean the food and other waste

Do not wait to clean the aquarium and if you see food or leaves floating, remove them as soon as possible.

Cleaning fish

This type of fish eat all the aquarium debris and it may be a good idea to add them to your fish collection. Of course, you have to make sure that they are compatible with the rest of the inhabitants of your fish tank.

Filter cleaning

The filter also has to be cleaned; every fifteen days is fine. Just do not do it while cleaning the aquarium and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, take the time to change peat and active carbon.

Remove white glass marks

If you live in an area of ​​hard water, it is possible that with the passing of the days you will see white marks attached to the aquarium glass. To remove them, use a scraper and ask for advice in your trusted pet store to recommend a cleaning product that does not affect the fish.