things cats hate

Knowing what is the best food for your cat, keeping up with it vaccines, maintaining it hygiene, guaranteeing its health care in the cases that are necessary and unraveling the meaning of his gestures,  meows and movements are key for our cat to enjoy an awesome health, be happy and establish with it a strong friendship for life.

But, in addition to all of the above, it is very important to know those things that our pets hate. Without knowing, we may be bothering our cat with some of our habits.

Cats hate loud sounds. The television at full volume, the screams, the sound of the horn …

With this you have to be especially careful because it can cause stress and anxiety.

But there are more things that your cute cat hates. We have selected 18 that bother them and that you may not know.

Make sure to take paper and pencil to write down all of them!


There are some cats such as the Norwegian forest cat, Siberians and Maine coons that do enjoy getting into the water, most of the other cats hate water. The reason that scientists have given so far is that most cats breeds come from desert areas of the Middle East and China, so their relationship with liquid water has been weak. This lack of relationship makes them feel distrust towards the water. Cats that don’t fear water are generally those that have been raised near rivers, lakes …

Strong smells

Strong odors such as garlic, tobacco smoke, vinegar, onion or citrus can be very annoying to our cats.

Hold them by force

If you take your cat in your arms and notes that is is not comfortable and tries to get away … Do not hold it against its will.

Loud noises

Loud noises annoy cats a lot. Screams, firecrackers, loud music, horns … all this can cause fear to the cat and even cause stress and anxiety.

Don’t touch the belly, the hind legs and the tail

There are some exceptions and there are cats that do not bother at all if they are touched in these areas of the body. But usually they don’t like it. Better opt for head, ears, chin, neck and near the tail.


Yes, most hate bananas and what they don’t like about them is the smell.

Changing your routine

If you want to change something in your pet’s life, such as feeding, or yours which affects them, like moving out, you will have to do it carefully.


Cats don’t like the smell of lemon at all. In fact, a natural way to prevent your cat from approaching certain places in the house, such as furniture or cables, is to rub them with lemon.


Cats are very clean animals. Do not leave their droppings in the sand for days and days and change the sand immediately when it gets dirty. If you do not, regardless of disturbing your cat, you will be encouraging your cat to make their needs in another place in the house.

Hugging them hard

Cats don’t like to be hugged intensity like we do with our dogs. Therefore, we must be very careful with children and teach them that a cat must be touched very softly.

Closed doors

There are two reasons that explain why your cat hates closed doors. The first is that it is not being allowed access to the whole house which, let’s not forget, it is his. The second is that they need to know and see at all times what is in every corner of the home.

CAT FACT: Did you know that cats can move their ears 180 degrees.

Not be preferred

This situation occurs when you have two cats at the same home. For example, when a cat stays at home for a few days they are very territorial and will do everything possible to make it clear to the guest that they are the boss.

To be touched

With this we are not saying that cats do not like to be petted … Not at all! What happens is that it is they who decide when and not you can. Don’t worry, it’ll let you know.

Travel by car

How can a cat like to be put it in a carrier, lift it from the ground and place it inside a space with a noisy engine? Yep, nobody will like that.

To be stared at

Not like dogs, cats understand stares as threats. One of the signs that indicate when a cat is calm, is when it closes its eyes very slowly. So, if you do this instead of staring at him, will be much better.

Chemical odors

Like detergents, cleaners, soaps, deodorants. It is better to opt for more natural fragrances.

Taking medications

A cat does not like the taste of medication, opening their mouth by force to give them a pill that will insert a cannula into the ear to treat mite … For them this is extremely stressful.

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Taking the cat to the vet

It is very strange that a cat likes to be taken to the vet. The journey in the carrier, sharing space with other animals, then vaccine, medication. It is definitely not a pleasant experience for them.