fish for aquarium

Are you thinking about having an aquarium? Awesome, we have selected the top 10 most beautiful fish they will make you fall in love. Also, make sure that theses animals can live with each other and how to take care of them.

Fish can be the excellent pet for you in case you want to have a pet but you do not have much room at home, time to commit to three daily walks that dogs need. these little creatures do not poop like other animals nor can break anything. In addition to this, if you have children, this can be a good introduction to learn what it is to take responsibility for an animal.

First, before we check those fish let see some few basic guidelines on to take care of them.

  • Fish that get along with each other. Ask for professional advice, so you don’t make the mistake of mixing species that don’t get along.
  • How many fish? Remember to tell the pet store where you buy the fish from the dimensions of your aquarium so they can guide you on the ideal number of fish that you can put inside. Also, do not throw all them inside the aquarium at once but little by little.
  • Feeding. Once you choose the types of fish that are going to be part of your aquarium, remember to search about their nutritional needs as well as whether it is recommended to give some type of food other than the usual at a specific period such as reproduction. We recommend that you ask your trusted vet or the people at your local pet store on how much food and how many times you should give the fish, so you don’t overfeed them. In the market there are automatic feeders that will feed your pet in those moments when you are not at home or when you go on a vacation.
  • Water heater. If you interested in having tropical fish or once who need warm water to live in. You will have to get a heater to maintain a correct temperature for them to survive.
  • Lighting. Fish should live in an illuminated environment but not in direct sunlight. We recommend you buy the tank lights at your local pet store. Don’t forget to turn it off when bedtime comes.
  • Cleaning. Do it once every six months. If you follow these basic guidelines, your fish will enjoy good health.
Guppy fish easy to maintain and reproduce


It was named after its discoverer Mr. Lechmere Guppy. It is one of the most popular fish for its beauty and it’s very easy to maintain and reproduce. Males have more varied colors than females.

Tetra fish don't like to live alone


Tetra fish are very colorful, alert and strong. They don’t like to live alone or with few of their kind.

Disco fish have characteristic marks


Disc fish are notable for their strong colors and lines but can also be found in a single tone or pure white.

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Killifish fish have reddish, blue and orange colors


killifish are easily maintained in freshwater aquariums. They have red, blue and orange colorations and males have more color than females.

Betta fish were used in fish fights


The betta also known as The Siamese fighting fish were formerly used by the Thai people to fight fish and were also known by the nickname of Siamese fighting fish. Available in a wide variety of colors and types of fins, Betta are very elegant. Also, they are easy to maintain.

Gourami fish are resistant


The Gourami are colorful, active, resistant and easy to care for. There are many color combinations, all of great beauty. Some Gourami, like the one in the picture, have a kind of mustache that serves as sensors.

Angel fish can eat other fish


These striped fish are named after their smooth movement, like an angel floating in the water. They have no problems with others as long as they can’t eat them at once. Although, they can eat dry foods, they prefer live food.

Platy fish are peaceful


Platy fish are very colorful, active and peaceful. So, it is very common to find them in aquariums. He likes live food but they also eat dry food and vegetables.

Molly fish get along well with other species


Molly fish are an omnivore creature (animals that eats both plant and animal) but prefer eating vegetables and they actually love taking algae. They are good swimmers, sociable and coexist perfectly with others.

Rasbora fish eat their own eggs


These fish like to live in medium size groups that are not too large. A twist about them is that they eat their own eggs. The male follows the female loaded with eggs and as it releases them between the plants, he eats them. The male rasbora has a slenderer body than the female and the typical triangular mark that it has on the side is sharper than females.